4 Kicks for Kidz

We want kids to love soccer!

At 4Kicks for Kidz, we believe every young player should have the opportunity to learn soccer in a fun, safe and positive environment. Here’s how:

We’re Fun
First and foremost, we believe that playing soccer should be about enjoying the game and developing as a player. Our players participate in fun skill building activities and games, learning everything from footwork to teamwork, all the while developing as both a person and a player.

We’re Personal
We know all of our nearly 500 players’ names, parents and skill levels, and our community grows stronger every day. Our coaches develop close relationships with players, and, in turn, players develop close relationships with the game in small, intimate classes.

And there’s a Method to our Madness
We developed the 4 Kicks Method with your child in mind. Every lesson, each student will get hundreds of touches on the ball, developing intrinsic understanding of the game and learning the foundation of good soccer. Whatever his or her skill level, your child will finish our program a better player. 


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